Positive Approach to Childbirth

Certified Labor Doula and Lamaze Trained Childbirth Educator

So, what is a Christian doula?

The fact that I am a Christian means that your birth will be covered in prayer. This does not mean, however, that you should be worried about what I will say or do at your birth. I have worked with people from all walks of faith, or not, as the case may be. Simply stated, my goal is to provide the best support possible for each birth. That means every birth is treated uniquely!

When we first meet you can ask me any questions you think pertinent to your birth experience and I will happily answer them. My goal is to serve the Lord in a manner which honors him and to serve my birthing clients in a way that allows them to achieve the best birth experience for them. This means no two births are alike, ever. Your birth will be special!

My experience is wide and varied. In 1986 I was privileged to attend my first birth. I was there as the birthing partner for a young woman who needed someone to help her out. We completed the classes, she went into labor and 14 hours later I returned home a new person. I had not even given birth to my own children at this point.

Fast forward one year to my first birth and just after that I became involved with our local La Leche League. Shortly thereafter I became a LLL leader and spent many years supporting breastfeeding mothers in our community. Then, along came baby number two and I was determined to have a a different birth. I read so many books I felt I could birth any place. We completed our Lamaze classes, early this time, and I fell in love with the idea of natural childbirth. Baby number two was in a hurry to arrive and we almost stayed home, but we did make it to the hospital with 13 minutes to spare. That birth was amazing and was the next step in changing my future. Within one year I was a certified ASPO/Lamaze CBE (childbirth educator) and I taught classes in our community for a number of years. When babies number three and four arrived, from Korea and China, I took a short respite from teaching in order to bond with these sweet little girls. But, I continued to support birthing women in a doula role, although I was not yet certified.

 I took up teaching again and after attending a client's birth and seeing what a great experience she had I realized that I was, indeed, called to serve within the birthing community. I applied to, worked through, and completed my Childbirth Labor Doula training through Childbirth International in 2010.

And, now I'm here, hoping I can serve you.

 Along with being a doula and a childbirth educator I am also:


  • a wife
  •  a mother
  • a homeschooling mom
  • a former art teacher
  • a former primary education teacher
  • an "artist" who creates jewelry, signs, and assemblage pieces
  • and many other "hats" over the years ... 


 For more information on how I approach birth you may call me or contact me via email to set up a meeting. 


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  • " I had a wonderful experience with Kim as my doula! Even though we had an OB/hospital birth, Kim provided one on one attention that the OB and hospital staff couldn't. Sh..."
    April Detwiler Strasler
    Repeat client